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Welcome to PoolServ, a place where our professional, courteous staff takes pride in offering skilled service in Austin, TX so that you and your family can spend time in the pool together. Our office is completely manned so there is always someone ready and willing to assist. We take tremendous pride in our five-year development, our countless wonderful clients that depend on us, and our A+ rating. It wasn't a coincidence, either. Professionals that like their work and competing for top honors make up our team. Our fundamental value is integrity. Every applicant is thoroughly evaluated after we do background checks on them. We only employ individuals who we would feel completely at ease sending to your house or business. Our whole staff receives thorough training as well as continual education. In order to draw in and keep qualified personnel, we provide a career path and excellent perks.

We have an Austin contractor's license and insurance. We receive factory training on all major brands, and we constantly take part in ongoing education and training to keep on the cutting edge of new technology and industry norms. We are aware that good customer service is the cornerstone of the service industry and that our reputation precedes us.



We have been in operation as a Veteran Owned and Operated Pool Service Firm for more than 5 years. We are proudly serving our Texas clients once more including the Austin region. We provide affordable rates as well as expertise you can rely on! Why use Poolserv? Exactly why not? In our opinion, our superior service makes us stand out in a field of horses. Among others, we are the most loved.


We are fully insured and have a Residential Appliance Installer License for repairs. To ensure that we are knowledgeable about all the most recent practices and technologies available in the pool sector, we also constantly attend seminars and conferences.


Since we are owner-operated, you are dealing with us directly. No intermediaries, no outrageous markups. Reliable service you can count on all the time

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